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Why is Xbox Series S cheap? Find out the reason

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s latest addition to the Xbox console family. The console is cheaper than its counterpart, the Xbox Series X, and many gamers are wondering why this is the case. In this article, we will explain why the Xbox Series S is more affordable than the Xbox Series X.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Xbox Series S is a less powerful console compared to the Xbox Series X. The Series S has a lower GPU and CPU, less RAM, and a smaller hard drive. This makes it less expensive to manufacture and therefore more affordable to buy.

Secondly, Microsoft is targeting a different audience with the Xbox Series S. While the Xbox Series X is marketed towards hardcore gamers who want the best graphics and performance, the Xbox Series S is aimed at casual gamers who want a console that can play their favorite games at a lower price point. By targeting a different audience, Microsoft can price the Xbox Series S lower than the Xbox Series X.

Thirdly, Microsoft is using a different marketing strategy with the Xbox Series S. Instead of emphasizing the console’s raw power and performance, Microsoft is highlighting the console’s value and affordability. By doing so, they are appealing to a broader audience who may not be willing to spend as much money on a gaming console.

Lastly, the Xbox Series S is designed to complement Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service. With Game Pass, players can access a library of over 100 games for a monthly fee. The Xbox Series S is the perfect console for players who want to take advantage of this service without spending a lot of money on a console.

In conclusion, the Xbox Series S is cheap than the Xbox Series X due to its lower specifications, different target audience, marketing strategy, and compatibility with Xbox Game Pass. Despite its lower specs, the Xbox Series S is a great choice for casual gamers who want to experience the latest Xbox games without breaking the bank.

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